Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Our life today is the result of the decissions we made yesterday and the decissions we make today are going to decide out destiny tomorrow".

We keep on walking along a path and we come to the point where the path bifercates. And here starts out dilemma. A path most frequently traversed and one less traversed but the one we would like to traverse. Finally with lot of thinking and advices ( generally useless but the person giving them feels that he is doing the best he can do for you. While actually he is doing the other way.) we zero in upon one of them. And then onwards our life becomes the result of that decission. We may find this path good and worth pursuing but still deep within the hearts we feel that "What if I had chosen the other path. It is called the 're loka' in kannada. AA dina naanu odhidda're', avalu nannnannu maduve aagidda're', aa kelasa sikkidda're' wagera wagera. It happens with me, it happens with you, it happens with the person who fixed your computer, it happens with the person who stared at you last day, it happens with your boy friend or girl friend who ditched you recently.