Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day

Today is valentines day and I dont want to write on my experience of feeling lonely. So I will keep that experience which I was suppose to write, for some other day.

I have been on a certain type of a high in the last few days. I thought that whatever i write in this book(before starting my blog I used to write my diary in a book. This was first written in a book and then transferred to my blog) will be between you and me. But now I feel that I should share it with others. Shouting at the sky is good fun but it would be more interesting if we knew that there is someone out there listening to us. Even I feel the same. Writing to no man but you is good. It lightens your heart. But knowing that someone is out there reading what you write makes writing more interesting.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

25th marriage anniversary of parents

This is on event I have been eagerly waiting since ling. This thought resurfaced when I visited a saree weaving industry. I thought I could gift one such custom made saree to her on her anniversary. Then my thoughts started flowing like light clouds hovering over a valley. My body was seated on a moving bike, but my head was flying high.

Mom's Birthday

When matter, energy or data is translated into some other form it is always accompanied with a loss.
  1. Energy -- Electric to motor == Heat is the loss
  2. Data -- Analog to digital == Precission is the loss
  3. Matter -- Rock to stones == Small particles that fallout is the loss
And the same in case of language. Translation can never be perfect even if it is by the same author. But it is good fun to find the appropriate word for same thought in different languages.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I blog therefore i am

To do 'something' continuously and consistently is a herculean task, however simple that 'something' may be.

And diary is one which for sure test your mettle. I for that matter have made 'n' number of unsuccessful attempts. Each time I failed I came back with more vigor and determination but only to fail more miserably.