Friday, January 29, 2010

When the teacher was ready!!! (Part 2)

Part 1
I had converyed my interest in working as a lecturer in my brothers college, i mean I had taken the plunge. But the actual "test" was yet to begin. And the demo class would be the most testing part of the "test", I thought. I had a few edited replays of the scene in my mind, but i had not done any hardcore preparation for the same. So on this fine day I plan to go and meat the dean of the college. I went to my brother's college and sat in the staff room. The Dean was having a discussion with one of the staff members. I felt so becuase the body language of the the person standing there was too obedient and he was full of respect for the man in charge. Once the Dean was done with the discussion he turned towards me and got to know from the clerk that I was the one who had come for the new Computer Science Lecturer Post. He was trying to behave very casual and he was successful till the moment I mentioned that I was from R.V.College of Engineering. "You are from R.V.College ? Our students will have lot to learn from you", the Dean Said. The change in his behaviour the moment he heard the name of my college, made me feel proud that I was an alumnus of the R.V.College of Engineering.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Lonely Heart

"You are back home from a hard day's work. You are tired.  Lie back on a soft bed. Leave the lights on as you are afraid of dark. Keep your eyes open, staring at nowhere (shoonya drushti). Lost in your thoughts, you try to track what your mind is thinking. Its of no use. Your mind keeps on roaming. It doesn't reach anywhere, as it is travelling to a destination that even it is not clear about. Poor mind where will it stop when it doesn't know what is the destination to which it is travelling to.  Before you make a sense of all this, your eyes are too tired, your eyelids are trying hard to stay separate, but cant help moving towards each other. Within a few seconds they touch each other, shutting you off from this world or rather the world from you. Slowly your body starts resting and the mind follows. Your consciousness is lost, your metabolic rate goes down. You go into a state of sleep......"