Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well Done Omar

"When people hurl stones at you, convert them into your milestones" goes a quote.

But today Stone-Pelting(SP) has taken a completely different form.

  • Today  SP symbolizes the unrest among the youth of a state in which it(youth) constitutes more than 50% of the population.
  • SP proves that unrest among the youth of the state or nation is the last thing that a government can afford.
  • SP symbolizes the way the weak protest against the mighty state that fails to connect with the people of the state.
  • SP defines the culminating point of the downfall of a minister who was considered as the most successful young politician to one whose political future is in question.
  • SP has become a menace which the army can neither face nor suppress. Restraining is the only option that they have. I can't even call it an alternative, since that is the only way.
  • Now it is forcing the minister who had distanced himself from the crowds, to try so hard  just to get their acceptance.
I am a big fan of Omar Abdullah.( Don't ask me why? He was young, he was charismatic and he looked to be a promising politician in making) And I felt let down after his fall in popularity. :( 
But the way he handled himself when a shoe was hurled at him, reiterated my faith in him. 

Omar's response : "I am not upset that a person protested. The fact that he threw a shoe and not a stone, speaks for itself"

That was commendable. He used a thoughtless action of a person, to send a strong message to the people of J & K. Though it was a nice message that he sent across and in a very good way, that in itself is not sufficient. People of J & K expect a lot of actions from him. It is the time he deliver his promises.

 I feel that Omar got few things wrong in his journey and he definitely paid for them. But i strongly feel that has the ability to correct them and move on. And taking this as an opportunity to connect with the masses of the valley state and understand their situation and the problems they are facing(which no one has done till date) if he can work out an amicable solution that will be his way to stardom and immortality. And thousands of good wishes of the masses of the valley state which are genuine. 

And genuine wishes will never go un-realised.

Caveat : So does the genuine curses.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ATMAON : A simple line that keeps you humble

ATMAON : Though this word sounds like a sanskrit word(In sanskrit atmaon means souls), it is just an acronym for my favorite phrase "According to me, as of now". Repeating these words in your mind when you are in a discussion, debate, fight, quarrel or when you are giving a lecture, advice, suggestion or when you are trying  to prove a point to someone keeps your feet grounded, mind sane and heart happy.

ATMAON has two halves ATM and AON. Both of which are equally important.
  • ATM : According To Me
The first half (According To Me) says that whatever you are saying is your opinion. It reminds that what you are saying need be the truth but is only your perception of truth.(I am assuming that you are not trying to fool somebody with views which you consider are not true). It also reminds you that since it is your opinion, the person with whom you are interacting is also entitled to his view, which may or may not be same as yours. Anyone can easily handle a person who agrees with you. But handling a person who disagrees with you, is what separates the intellectuals from the lay men. It doesn't mean that you accept the views which are against your principles. It only says thats you should provide enough room for opinions which are not aligned to your views, especially the ones which are polar opposite of yours.

 Well,  before ending this let me say all these views are According To Me.
  • AON : As Of  Now
If the first part makes sure that we respect others views and opinions, the second part(As Of Now) takes it ahead and points that the our own views and opinions change with time. Haven't you experienced this so many times? My views about two things has changed drastically over the time. They are divorce and abortion.
Similarly most of our views change with time and changing society. What you consider wrong today may become right tomorrow and vice versa. So just remember that your views are not going to be the same. But remember that your perception of what is good and bad may change, but your perception of right and wrong should not keep changing very frequently.

So next when you go about proving your point to somebody else, just say to yourself "According to me, as of now" and the person on the other side can definitely sense the difference. I pomise (sorry according to me as of now they will sense the difference.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Language is an abstraction of thought

Expression of thought is what communications is all about. Language is an abstraction of thought. Language can never become communication as a thought can never be expressed completely. And if at all a thought can be expressed completely, the language used for it would be a perfect language, which would be nothing but communication. I came to understand the tight coupling between thought, language and communication very recently. It was a sweet coincidence. To do a profile picture for my website's fan-page, i was trying to create an image out of the introduction that i had written for an article titled Improve your vocabulary. The intro was about language and communication. I was amazed by the output I got. Here goes the image and it is followed by the introduction i wrote.

Click on the image or visit to get a Tee of this image.

Language is an abstraction of thought. A thought in itself is of no significance in the real world, because it needs the support of language if it has to be appreciated or implemented . All these knols, articles, plethora of information available on the internet is an attempt(though an unsuccessful one) to catpture and express that thought. Language comes nowhere close to the actual communication of the thought from the person who conceived the thought to the person with whom he is trying to communicate. Man from the time immemorial has been trying to invent new words so that he can express his thought more clearly and lucidly, hence trying to communicate more effectively. But he is no where close to the actual communication.The Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use and the list still keeps growing. We come out with a list of new words every year only to realise that there is a vacuum in the language for creating many more such lists. It is like space : the more you explore, you realise that much more is yet to be explored. But one thing is for sure, greater the number of words you know and deeper the unerstanding of them, better are your chances of communicating an idea or thought successfully. And hence better are your chances of succeeding in your workplace and life.